Monthly Archives: October 2016

How to Fight Identity Theft in the Workplace

Employers collect and store vast amounts of personally identifiable information from job candidates and employees: Social Security numbers, birth dates, driver’s licenses, protected health information, financial and investment account information, emails and passwords, and more.

Used Vehicle Depreciation Rates on the Rise Increasing GAP Risk

For a decade prior to the recession, used vehicles depreciated an average of 16% per year (NADA Q2 2015
Vehicle Equity). During the recession, vehicle depreciation dropped to a low of 5% annually in 2010-2011,
thanks to the Cash for Clunkers program and plummeting new car sales numbers, and then rose back to
13% in 2012-2014, 14% in 2015, and 18% in 2016. Overall, depreciation rates are expected to average around
18% annually through 2017 as used vehicle supply continues to increase rapidly. However, as we saw with
trucks and SUVs in the peak of the recession, compact and subcompact cars are seeing significantly worse
depreciation. In fact, according to Black Book®, sub-compact cars have depreciated 26.1% over the past
12 months. This represents the largest 12-month drop of any segment over the past 10 years.

Special Olympics Maine Fundraising Update

For 21 years, CU Insurance Solutions and Maine Credit Unions have supported Special Olympics Maine with unwavering dedication. Each year, we collectively pull together to share an hour, a day or a weekend to volunteer for a Special Olympics event. Credit unions are always finding creative and heartfelt ways to raise funds. Regardless of the level, every contribution is welcomed and appreciated.