Monthly Archives: July 2015

Trust Tip – Enthusiasm Sells!

Someone once said that closing is 70% enthusiasm. How could that be? What about product knowledge, persistence, and all of those closing techniques? Yes, they are important. But without enthusiasm, they have little power. They are like the car and enthusiasm is the gas. Nothing gives gusto to your presentation like sincere enthusiasm. After all,… Read more »

ACA Update – SSN Carrier Notice & HSA/FSA Resources

  1) As a quick note regarding the Affordable Care Act, if your social security number or that of a covered dependent are not on file with your insurance carrier, you will receive a notice from them (if you haven’t already) asking for those numbers.  These notices are mailed to individual members not the group,… Read more »

How Maine’s New Ridesharing Law Could Affect Your Credit Union

Last Tuesday June 30th, the Maine ridesharing legislation, LD 1379, cleared the House by a vote of 138-1. The Senate voted unanimously for the new regulations to become law. The new rules in Maine set insurance and safety requirements for ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft who host a network of independently contracted drivers… Read more »

Anchors Aweigh with the Fall University of Lending

Ahoy! CU Insurance Solutions and our sponsors Frost and Transamerica would like to invite you to come aboard with Ed Swanson to attend our Fall University of Lending event to be held September 28-29, 2015 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Freeport, ME. If your earnings have been crying out a “Mayday call”, this school… Read more »