We provide supplemental insurance programs made to enhance your current employee benefit programs. These unique programs provide you with a top-notch tool to attract and retain valuable employees.

Through our partner companies, we offer voluntary benefits to employees at the worksite. Voluntary benefits offer employees choice and flexibility. They work to enhance life or health insurance coverage and/or to fill any gaps in coverage employees may already have.

As the U.S. health coverage environment evolves, working Americans increasingly are turning to voluntary employee benefits to supplement core coverage. Voluntary benefits can offer added financial security to employees, with no direct costs incurred by employers.

Many insurance companies are responding to this need. Through comprehensive voluntary benefit products and services, employees are gaining access to enhanced coverages that otherwise might not be available to them.

Accident coverage

According to Injury Facts (1999), 1 of every 4 people are injured in accidents that require medical attention, and these accidents cost Americans more than $480.5 billion each year. With numbers like those, this coverage is almost a necessity!

Accident plans are available for on- and off-the-job coverages. Benefits are available for Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Hospital Confinement, Disability, Dislocation & Fracture, Ambulance and Medical expenses. Additional riders for sickness can be added, making it an economical way to provide accident and sickness benefits for the entire family. This program also has a great disability rider!

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life insurance provides a death benefit and, over time, it may provide a monetary fund value. The accrued value can be used for your retirement, for your children’s education, for emergencies or for other needs that may arise. The benefits of Universal Life insurance include your ability to vary the premiums paid into the policy; tax-deferred fund value accumulations; competitive current interest rates; and a guaranteed minimum interest rate.

Should you decide to borrow against the fund value accumulated in the life insurance policy, the loan is not dependent on credit checks or other restrictions. Unlike other insurance policies, Universal Life also offers a long-term care rider, making it a fairly inexpensive way to plan for the future.

These are only three of the popular voluntary insurance programs available to your employees.

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