Our Mission

To provide quality service, education and insurance solutions that best serve the unique needs of credit unions and their members. 


Our Vision

We strive to continually provide competitive marketplace options to allow credit unions to remain protected, successful and independent while providing cost-effective and industry-leading benefits for credit union members and employees. 


Core Values

Passion – We believe in the credit union movement, and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service, guidance, and advocacy to help credit unions remain local, independent, and successful. We embrace our shared commitment to giving back to our local communities.

Integrity – We value honesty to the highest degree and people over profits. We adhere to ethical standards and provide timely, accurate financial reporting.  We are transparent with the issues that concern our business, and we seek all opportunities for feedback and improvement.

Partnership – We collaborate internally, with credit unions, and with vendors to create strong, lasting partnerships that yield positive results for productivity and profitability.

Respect – We treat all individuals as valued members of our team and value the unique needs and contributions of our partners.

Education – We believe that continual growth through learning and educational opportunities is the key to success for our team and our credit union partners.