Trust Tip – Enthusiasm Sells!

Someone once said that closing is 70% enthusiasm. How could that be? What about product knowledge, persistence, and all of those closing techniques? Yes, they are important. But without enthusiasm, they have little power. They are like the car and enthusiasm is the gas. Nothing gives gusto to your presentation like sincere enthusiasm.

After all, selling, at its heart, is nothing more than a transferal of feeling. Successful sales professionals are able to get their prospect to have the same feeling about their product, the same product conviction, and the same kind of enthusiasm about the product as they themselves do. After all, if you’re not enthusiastic about your product, who will be?

Action Steps

  • Nurture your excitement.
  • Show your enthusiasm.
  • Learn everything that you can to boost your own belief and conviction.
  • Think about how your product or service helps to enrich people’s lives.
  • Write it down and look at it daily.
  • Finally… let your excitement show.

“Enthusiasm spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.”

Norman Vincent Peale