Introducing My Credit Union Benefits 2.0

In the spring of 2014, CU Insurance Solutions launched the first iteration of the My Credit Union Benefits marketplace website.  The website was created with the mission of assisting Maine credit union members in making the important decisions necessary to purchase individual health insurance with the recent changes under the Affordable Care Act. The private marketplace website was designed to allow credit union members to request a health insurance quote assisted by a licensed health insurance expert who will help them find the right policy to meet their unique needs from a variety of individual health plans from insurers doing business in our Maine communities. The website also offers access to dental insurance, voluntary benefits, term life, accidental death & dismemberment and auto & home insurance coverage as well as legal & ID theft protection.

MCUB_2015What’s New?

Local Service
– CU Insurance Solutions has partnered with a local Maine employee benefits expert dedicated to assisting members with enrollments for individual health insurance.  This change has also made more insurance carrier plan options available to Maine credit union members including Anthem and Harvard Pilgrim.

New Website – The My Credit Union Benefits website has been reformatted to offer an improved mobile friendly experience. The website has a responsive design that allows members to navigate the site on any device and enter information into forms that integrate with mobile keyboard features.

Simple and Free –The My Credit Union Benefits website is now a free community hub for Maine credit unions to refer their members in need of coverage.  Many of the coverage options include special group discounts specifically for members of Maine credit unions.  We have simplified the onboarding process by offering one universal website option and referral arrangement.

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For more information, please contact Elizabeth Ingram at or 207-773-0925.