CU Survivor Challenge Highlights

Our first ever CU Survivor Challenge event took place on Saturday August 1, 2015 at Maine Forest Yurts “Survivor Camp” in Durham, ME where 8 of our local credit union clients were chosen following our 4 month GAP Insurance contest to compete in a series of fun challenges to determine which “Credit Union Castaway” would win the grand prize of a weekend stay on Chebeague Island, Casco Bay, Maine.  VIEW PHOTO GALLERY


The Tribes

The challenges were led by our team captains:

Blue Tribe – Led by Dan Foley, (Maine’s participant on this season’s Survivor Reality Show), with tribe members: Marianne Wise of Rainbow FCU,  Maegen Austin of Oxford FCU, Robin Smith of Winslow Community FCU and Sarah Rivera from Tremont FCU.

Orange Tribe – Led by Bob Crowley, (2008 Survivor Winner from Maine), with tribe members: Heidi MacArthur of Midcoast FCU, Patty Kenney of Casco FCU, Jennifer King of New Dimensions FCU and Chris Parish of York County FCU.

The day began with an impressive parade of all the Credit Union ‘Castaways’ holding individual tiki torches to the area where all the challenge were held.  After four “Tribe Teamwork” challenges, the BLUE team held a one point lead.

In the second half of the day, all the ‘Castaways’ competed on their own . Five of them were eliminated in the next three challenges resulting in 3 finalists, Sarah Rivera, Robin Smith and Chris Parish. At the final Tribal Council, the five who were eliminated were asked to vote for one of the finalists. In a very close vote, Chris Parish won and received the Grand Prize of a Fall weekend at a cottage on Chebeague Island. So, in essence, he actually got voted ONTO the island.

Each ‘Castaway’ was applauded numerous times during the competition and received a handsome plaque noting their participation in this fun and memorable event.

A special thanks goes out to the following sponsors for helping to make this event a success:

Frost, Transamerica, Tricorp FCU, Mainely Pig Roast, Expose Design