Anthem Data Breach

Although we still don’t know if anyone in Maine was affected as Anthem is mailing that information directly to affected members (and former members), the items listed in the article are good practice for anyone with health insurance.

“To the 80 million customers of Anthem whose personal information was stolen by hackers, security experts offer this advice: Keep a close eye on your medical-claims statements.

Identity thieves use plundered health-plan data to run up large bills in the victims’ names. Anthem disclosed yesterday, Feb. 4, that names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, medical IDs, street and e-mail addresses, and employee information, including income levels, were stolen in one of the biggest data breaches of a U.S. company.

Identity theft may not have been the main goal of the breach. Federal and private-sector investigators are pursuing evidence that points to Chinese state-sponsored hackers who are stealing personal data from health-care companies to seek information on the personal lives of defense contractors, government workers, and others, according to three people familiar with the probe. Still, the information of tens of millions of others has been compromised and can’t be considered safe.”

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For those of you with Anthem insurance, Anthem is contacting employers, members, and brokers simultaneously, so you will receive any information at the same time I do.  Please do let me know if you do have any questions regarding anything you receive.


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