ACA Update – 1095 Tax Forms

Tax season is upon us…

Please be aware that you and your employees who had health insurance in 2015 will be receiving Form 1095 if you have not already.

Carriers and the Marketplace have until March 31st to send these. 

If you switched plans during 2015, you may receive more than one Form 1095.

There are 3 different Form 1095s:

  • Form 1095-A: Is for coverage through the Marketplace
  • Form 1095-B: Is for coverage through a fully-insured group (from the carrier)
  • Form 1095-C: Is for self-insured group coverage

The Form 1095 is to be used in completing 2015 individual taxes.

It does not get sent to the IRS but does need to be kept on file in case of an IRS audit.

The Form 1095 will be sent every year going forward but will need to be sent by February 1st beginning in 2017.


As always, please let me know if you have any questions regarding the Affordable Care Act or employee benefits.

Elizabeth Ingram
Account Manager, Employee Benefits
CU Insurance Solutions
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