Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Help your members bridge the “gap” between the amount they owe and the amount the automobile insurance company pays in the event that their vehicle is stolen or totaled.


Vehicle Service Contracts

Help your members plan for the increasing cost of vehicle repairs by offering a mechanical breakdown warranty program.


Debt Protection & Involuntary Unemployment

Debt Protection helps to protect credit union members when specific events impact their ability to repay loan obligations. It safeguards lending institutions from costly charge-offs, delinquencies and collections.


Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance is one of the most simple and inexpensive ways that your credit union can generate additional income while improving member relations.


Lenders/Vendors Single Interest (LSI/VSI)

Lenders Single Interest provides broad protection against collateral loss for the entire loan/lease portfolio, without the need to track insurance status.


Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)

If a member has a vehicle loan and their insurance lapses, Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) can be placed on the loan by the credit union to protect its interest from damage or loss.


Mortgage Insurance

Help members protect their largest asset – their home – with Mortgage Life & Disability Insurance and help them rest at ease with Accidental Death Insurance.


Loan Recapture Service

The Loan Recapture service is a marketing and fulfillment program that uses multiple channels to identify opportunities, contact members and refinance loans that originated outside of the credit union.


Member Discount Auto Buying Program

The Member Discount Auto Buying Program helps your members to search for new and pre-owned vehicles, secure guaranteed savings from participating dealers and lock-in great credit union financing terms before ever going to the dealership.


Equity Protection (Home Loans)

The Equity Protection Program is a fully insured lending program designed to generate quality loans to qualified borrowers. The program allows for a broadening of underwriting guidelines while ensuring the lender against loss due to borrower default.